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Children's Vision

In Australia approximately 1 in 5 children suffer from an undetected eye or vision problem that needs ongoing assessment and/or treatment.

How can Sharpe and Fowler help?

In younger people an eye examination is focussed around the following concepts:

  • Examining the eye health
  • Both eyes seeing well
  • Both eyes working together
  • Visual skills developing normally

We maintain a superior range of children’s frames if glasses are required. We can offer vision training programmes, including eye exercises, myopia control options, contact lenses and ongoing support and care.

We have always had a particular interest in children’s vision and has recently completed a Specialist Certificate in Paediatric Optometry through the University of Melbourne.

Having your child’s eyesight and eye health assessed is very important to ensure they have the best opportunities with regards to education, physical and social development.

It is recommended that a child has an examination prior to starting primary school, but if there are any concerns our optometrists can perform an examination at any age. Things to be concerned about include, a turned or “lazy” eye, squinting, not reaching developmental milestones, closing one eye at times or a family history of eye problems to name a few.

Dutz Kids

At Vivid Optical we carry a range of great looking glasses. We have brands, colours, styles and materials to meet the needs of the fashion conscious 'active kid'.

Children's Eyewear
  • Caroline Abram
  • Ic! Berlin
  • Michel Henau Eyewear
  • Furla Designer Glasses
  • Carter Bond Eyewear
  • Bottega Veneta
  • Anne & Valentin
  • Pro Design Danish Eyewear
  • Silhouette Eyewear
  • Dolce & Gabbana Designer Glasses
  • Versace Designer Glasses
  • Ray-Ban Designer Glasses
  • Coach Designer Glasses
  • Prada Designer Glasses
  • Bulgari Designer Glasses
  • Tiffany Designer Glasses
  • Adidas Eyewear
  • Masunaga Eyewear

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