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Why have your eyes tested?

Even if your eyes are not giving you any problems, there are many good reasons for having a regular eye test:

Some eye conditions don't give rise to symptoms until they become severe.

A good example of this is glaucoma. It often gives no symptoms until the condition is quite advanced and much more difficult to treat. A regular eye exam lets you know that your eyes are healthy.

You may not know what you're missing out on in terms of clarity of vision.

Everyone gets used to the vision they have, and may be unaware of how much clarity they are missing out on. A regular eye test lets you know the full potential of your vision.

You may not know what comfortable eyes really feel like.

Many people put up with watery or dry eyes, or mildly uncomfortable eyes, not knowing that sometimes there is a simple remedy. We may not be able to make everyone's eyes comfortable, but we may be able to help yours. A regular eye exam will help get your eyes as comfortable as they can be.

Previously undiagnosed general health problems are sometimes picked up through an eye test.

Sometimes the first a person knows that they might have high blood pressure, diabetes, or other general health problems, is when they get their eyes tested. A regular eye exam can be literally a lifesaver.

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Eye testing technology moves on - some things are possible now that were not before.

You may have been told before that you can't wear contact lenses, your glasses lenses have to be thick, or that there is no treatment for your eye condition. But things change, and new products, techniques and treatments are always emerging. A regular eye test keeps you up to date with today's options, not yesterday's limitations.

Eye tests establish a baseline set of records for your eyes.

Your first eye exam creates a record of your eyes and vision that can be helpful down the track to know whether things have changed. A regular eye exam now helps us give you better advice in the future.

Children’s Vision

Children with signs of visual stress, whose progress at school is below expectations or have a family history of eye problems, should be checked.

If it’s been a while since your last eye test, why not make an appointment to see us in Launceston? Can't make it to Launceston? We also regularly visit Deloraine.

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