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Optical Coherence Tomography - The latest technology

Optical Coherence Tomography - The Future, Today!

At Vivid Optical we are committed to providing you with the highest standard of eye care available. With this in mind we have recently upgraded to optical coherence tomography (OCT) which allows us to take 3-dimensional scans of the back and front of your eyes rather like an MRI scanner does for the rest of the body. This is one of the most advanced diagnostic tools available. The procedure is comfortable and the image captured in seconds using optical scanning and flash photography- nothing touches your eyes. The images show exceptional detail and year on year auto-comparisons show changes that would be impossible to detect without this revolutionary new equipment.

What are the Benefits of Optical Coherence Tomography?

We can look beneath the retinal surface and detect changes too small to be seen by other methods. We can keep a permanent record, so small changes can be regularly monitored. Should referral be required we can include photographs and diagnostic levels of detail. Eye diseases such as glaucoma and macula degeneration may be detected, and treatment started, at a much earlier stage. You can see and understand any changes taking place and you will be given detailed reports of the scans.

Who should have Optical Coherence Tomography?

  • Those with a family history of eye disease or blindness
  • Anyone with health problems or medication that may affect the eyes
  • Anyone who has had a retinal abnormality detected using any other method
  • Anyone with unexplained vision loss
  • Those who have some indicators for glaucoma.
  • Those who have some indicators for macula disease

Why is this an Improvement over Retinal Photography?

Retinal Photography captures the visible surface area of the back of the eye. This can be highly magnified and filtered to enhance what we see. However many changes start below the surface. With optical coherence tomography we can for the first time look beneath the surface at the layers below. We can magnify them and ensure that they are healthy, a retinal photograph is taken at the same time. By measuring and monitoring the key layers within the back of the eye we can pick up abnormal changes which would not otherwise become apparent until much later in the development of a disease. Glaucoma is a good example, frequently this shows no symptoms until the later stages, by which time there will have been a severe and permanent loss of the field of vision. OCT can identify subtle changes in the thickness of certain layers of the retina, leading to identification and treatment of glaucoma up to 4 years earlier than using conventional methods.

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