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Contact Lenses and Overnight Wear

Many people would like the convenience of overnight wear contact lenses.

The tricky bit has been trying to create lenses and hygiene processes which are as safe for the eyes as regular contact lenses.

In the 1980s, an early version of the Acuvue contact lenses was used as a weekly-replacement overnight wear lens. This fell out favour as there was a substantial increase in keratitis - inflammation of the cornea. The search was on for contact lens materials that would let though more oxygen during sleep.

In the last decade new contact lenses have been developed - silicone hydrogel lenses - which transmit more oxygen. They are typically prescribed as a 6-night or 30-night removal, monthly replacement contact lens, and have been successful for overnight wear. However, recent studies have still found that overnight wear carries a higher risk of keratitis, compared with daily or monthly disposable regular contact lenses.

Reducing risks in overnight wear:

Nothing in life comes without risks.

  • Review your own eyes daily - do they LOOK good, SEE good, FEEL good?
  • Seek attention early if you have any concerns about your eyes.

If you are interested in overnight contact lenses, contact us or visit our Launceston Store.

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