Silhouette Eyewear

For some 50 years now, Silhouette has stood for authentic, innovative and trendy design. Authentic and innovative, because the design shows just what can be expected of functional, esthetically perfect eyewear. Trendy, because the design, with its groundbreaking innovations, sets new benchmarks in eyewear time and again.

Up to the end of the 1990s, rims, hinges and screws were thought to be indispensable. At Silhouette, a visionary concept was in place, putting focus on the essential, with anything that wasn’t useful or absolutely necessary for the wearer being removed. In the firm belief that less is more, Silhouette has up to now successfully followed its minimalistic design principle down to the tiniest detail, investing uncompromisingly in quality, research and technology.

But minimalism is anything but simple. It calls for innovative, high-tech solutions and continuous further development – in the design, materials and especially in the constant attention to detail and precision, those things that in the productive interplay of design, research and development make Silhouette what it is. These highly-efficient technical details, in part invisible to the naked eye – such as screwless hinges, glazing and links – are the “hidden heroes” found in all Silhouette eyewear that in sum make a unique, wonderful whole.