Michel Henau Eyewear

The MICHEL HENAU collection is the result of the hard work of two driven opticians, Michel Henau and Marc Delagrange. Both completed an art education before settling down as independent opticians, Michel in Antwerp, the capital of Belgian fashion and Marc in Kortrijk, the capital of Belgian interior design.

During the seventies, Michel Henau designed his first collection, called OBJECTS. Later on, he even collaborated with famous designers such as Walter Vanbeirendonck, Marina Yee and Ann Demeulemeester. He simultaneously began to commercialise his collection and that is how certain models in the collection came by the initiative of Marc Delagrange.

As they were art-minded soul-mates, they shared the same feeling for and vision on the object ‘optical frame’. A frame should be full of contemporary purity and refinement, made from materials and colours which re-enforces the simplicity of the shapes.

At the end of the nineties, Marc Delagrange and his wife Marleen D’heedene preside over the MICHEL HENAU eyewear collection. Marc’s main driving force to design frames himself was caused by the fact that there were only very few frames on the market which he liked and which match his vision of the concept of eyewear.

The first Michel Henau designs created by Marc Delagrange were a continuation of the MH OBJECTS collection: traditionally hand-made frames in a limited edition. This collection was presented at Silmo 2000 – the optical fair in Paris, where it was enthusiastically received. New models followed pretty quickly and they always offered a perfect symbiosis between shapes, functionality and quality, giving a sober and timeless result, maintaining its own identity.

In the meantime, Marc Delagrange has created more or less 80 MICHEL HENAU frames and the collection has set the standard in the optical world. The MICHEL HENAU collection is sold worldwide in more than 20 countries, only through a network of independent opticians. MICHEL HENAU also exhibits at several international optical fairs.

Marc Delagrange focuses on form & materials and through his creations, he likes to accentuate the design, originality, timelessness and functionality. His motivation for his creations is thinking from the “glasses wearing person’s” point of view. The object needs to be comfortable and in harmony with the face, both in colour and shape.