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Adidas Sunglasses

Frames are made with high-tech materials such as SPX™, Performance Steel™ (used in the medical, dental and aeronautical industries), Pebax™ (soft sticky polymers as used in the soles of football boots and running shoes). All this makes adidas frames as comfortable as they are durable and perfect for a sporty lifestyle.

Key features

  • Performance Steel™ is twice as strong as regular stainless steel at the weld points resulting in greater wearer confidence.
  • Exceptionally strong and rigid bridges providing superior optical integrity (great for multifocals and kids).
  • All adidas optical eyewear is supported by an unconditional 2-year warranty.
  • Lightweight polarised sun clip-ons are available for most adult styles.

adidas Eyewear is designed and manufactured by renowned eyewear maker Silhouette International in Austria.

Sport frames by adidas Eyewear offer an unobstructed and clear view of your objectives. They are developed for and together with the World’s top athletes, whose visions are the power that drive the product to be the best in the market.

Sports Performance sunglasses

The sunglass collection is presented in two principal categories: Performance Sport and Performance Casual.

Performance Sport is activity focused featuring the latest in high-tech, moisture dispersing materials as well as lightweight, super flexible, yet form stable SPX technology.

Specially developed with the world’s top athletes, they are ideal for golf, bike, running, and outdoor sports.

Performance Casual, adds a more fashionable aspect to the collection.

To see our entire range of Adidas Performance Eyewear, come in and see us at our Launceston store.

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